Tunisian Crochet Coaster

September 28, 2014

I am still learning to do more crochet stitches and recently I have learned Tunisian crochet. It looks hard when I first saw how to do it but finally managed to make a simple coaster with the stitch.

I used T-shirt yarn that I have made earlier to make the coasters.

These coasters are very simple to make. I made four small and one bigger coaster. Firstly, I chained 15 for the foundation and made 11 rows of Tunisian stitch. Then I changed the yarn colour and half double crochet for the edging.

 For the big one, I chained 17 and made 13 rows of Tunisian stitch. Then half double crochet alternating colour of black and white for the edging.

Kitty cat was so cute sleeping and I end up taking her picture instead of crocheting.

Distracted by this adorable sleeping pose. Extreme cuteness.

 If only cat can crochet..we will crochet together forever (^_^)

This is my very first Tunisian crochet project and hopes to make more Tunisian project in the future.  

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